I've been coming to Copenhagen most summers for ten years. Over those years I got hooked. For a start I like the size of the city - not too big so it feels daunting but not so small that it's too easy to explore or too easy to understand.

The architecture is stunning - both old and new buildings - and the light, reflected off the water around the harbour, is amazing. Trees, grass and open spaces are important to people here and on most streets there is at least one good coffee shop. Copenhagen is civilised. Very civilised.

There is a slightly old-fashioned English phrase about doing something by design - so not by accident. I made a very deliberate decision to live here and in August 2014 I moved to Copenhagen by design.

Another reason to move ... I write a second blog about design that looks at architecture, furniture, design and travel in the Nordic countries - danish design review

the Journal

If I could claim to be trained for anything then I'm an art historian but the problem was that I didn't understand 'fine art' - or perhaps I don't really understand the need for that sort of self expression using oil paint or watercolour or stone or clay - so I'm an architectural historian by choice and by profession - I can understand why people build.

I'm not concerned so much with style or with aesthetics but what interests me is people now and people then - so what I'm trying to do in this journal, with comments and photographs, is to explore why and when and how people build and why and how buildings work - or don't.

The Danish word for a city or town is by so -

Copenhagen by design  -                 Copenhagen city design 

It should be København - design af byen or even København byplanlægning but neither works as well as a domain name