apartment buildings by Ib Lunding


Ib Lunding (1895-1983) graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture in 1925 and worked in the Department of the City Architect but also had a private practice. Although his apartment buildings have many of the hallmarks or use the elements and architectural vocabulary of Functionalism his buildings also have a distinct sense of quirkiness and show that Functionalist architecture does not have to be severe or stark. 

Sortedams Dossering 101-03 / Østerbrogade 19

The apartment building at Sortedams Dossering is at the top or north end of the lakes forming an L shape on two sides of an internal courtyard with the longer facade to the south towards the lake but a return facade to the east onto Østerbrogade. The apartments were completed in 1938. 

It is the lively arrangement of small balconies across the front of the apartments that is striking, with windows projecting out at an angle to make the most of views down the lake, and in vertical lines are Lunding’s signature feature of round windows


Round windows are also used at the apartment building at 7-9 Grønningen in Copenhagen in a line rising above the entrance door and light the staircase. These round windows are of different sizes, rather like a stream of bubbles, and the building is called fondly the Champagne Building. The entrance doorways are different and with arched heads are certainly not functional but are late echoes of romantic historicism but perhaps the most striking feature is the large windows at the corner of the two ranges where there is almost a bravado design to show that there is no corner support and the large windows are set out from the facade with relatively deep window sills. These windows look out across the street to the 17th-century earthworks of the Kastellet. 

The apartments were completed in 1936.