Building association housing Kildevældsgade


Built for The Worker’s Building Association between 1892 and 1903.

Designed by the architect Frederik Bøttger


There are 393 houses here on the north edge of Østerbro - close to Svanmøllen railway station and just below the suburban railway line where it curves round across the north part of the city. 

From Østerbrogade, one of the main roads heading north out of the city, Kildevældsgade runs east west forming the main axis of the group of houses with a small square at the centre. There are houses along a short street to the north and along the north side of Landskronagade to the south and with narrower cross streets of houses running north south between them. 

These are substantial houses that are set back from the street with small front gardens and clearly built for middle-class families. They are in the yellow stock brick which unfortunately now looks grey with the dirt from pollution but there are good architectural features with window and door details and narrow horizontal bands formed in red brick and the houses have good proportions so the group of houses as a whole is of considerable historic and architectural importance.