Studiebyen housing quarter


Built for KAB (Copenhagen Public Housing Association) between 1920 and 1924 to designs from Edvard Thomsen, Anton Rosen, Ivar Bentsen, Thorkild Henningsen and Kay Fisker. 

Nearly 6 kilometres (3.5 miles) north of the city, There were 104 houses including a number of villas and two long rows along Rygårds Allé that face each other, running north south, with a large road-width gateway at the centre of the west row for access to a small group of semi-detached houses. All the houses including the rows have small front gardens and back gardens. The landscape was designed by G N Brandt, the municipal gardener in Gentofte.


For the individual and paired houses, the association allowed the architects to experiment with different forms and different materials to determine appropriate types for future housing schemes. The row houses have a simple, restrained design and are in brick with clay pantiles but many of the detached houses are rendered.